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Overview of Our Security Guard Training Programs


At our institution, we realize the importance of comprehensive, hands-on training for security personnel. We offer two primary security guard training programs: one that includes First Aid and CPR training and another that focuses solely on the security aspect. Each course is meticulously designed to ensure trainees are well equipped to handle various situations in their respective roles.

The security guard training program with First Aid and CPR is reserved for those interested in working as security guards or private investigators. This course includes classroom and practical elements, such as defensive tactics, communications skills, applicable laws and regulations, arrest powers, report writing techniques, proper use of force protocols, search and seizure practices, and more. Equally important are the First Aid and CPR components, which teach trainees the basics of life-saving techniques in case of a medical emergency.

The other security guard training program is specifically for those interested in working as armed security guards. This course covers many aspects, including applicable laws and regulations, deadly force protocols, crisis management techniques, search and seizure practices, arrest powers, report writing techniques, etc. Trainees also receive firearms safety and range practice instruction to ensure they can handle weapons safely.